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Welcome To Senior Design Project P08601: The Dozier Tile Measuring Tool

Here are some pictures of the prototype:

Image:Tool pic1.jpg Image:Tool pic 2.jpg Image:Tool pic 3.jpg

Project Overview

RIT's Mechanical engineering department was approached by a local inventor with a tool to revolutionize the commercial tile laying industry. This man's name is Eula Dozier. Showing significant technical merit, Mr Dozier's invention was pitched to the senior design community as a potential project. Interest has provided the means to generate five project readiness plans, and the collaboration of many parties with the end goal of making a viable commercial product.

This project, P08601, will focus on production readiness. This project will be very exciting for all members involved. For this first time at RIT a senior design team will be generating a product with production and marketability in mind. The duration of this project will include functional design, design for manufacture, user documentation, CNC machining, Jig and fixture design, Material selection and much more. This is an opportunity for a team member to be on the ground floor of an entrepreneurial business development project.

The success of this project will be guaranteed by a motivated team, a clearly defined PRP, and a rock-solid end goal of production readiness in twenty two weeks. This is a faced paced, real-time project that will be rewarding to all parties involved and most importantly, the inverter of this idea.

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Administrative Information

Project Name
Dozier Tile Layout Tool: Design for Production
Project Number
Project Family
Construction Industry Technology
Entrepreneurial and Business Development Track
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Mr. John Wellin (Confirmed)
Faculty Consultant (1)
Dr. Tim Landscoot
Faculty Consultant (2)
Dr. Mark Kempski
Faculty Consultant (3)
Mr. William Scarborough
Primary Customer
Mr. Eula Dozier, Original Inventor
Secondary Customer
Tile Professionals, Do-It-Yourselfers

Team Documents

How it works:

Here is a diagram of how Eula Dozier's original prototype works

Image:How it works

below is a picture of several common tile types:

Image:Tile Types

A file of some useful links: Useful Links .TXT

DPM Week 4 Presentation

DPM Week 7 Presentation

DPM Final Presentation

Click Here to see the commercial for the tile projects

Please remember that you have to forcibly open these presentations in power point after you download them!


Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Resource Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms

Grading and Assessment Scheme

Required Resources

Budget Requirements

Prototype Duplication

Concept Development

Identify Customer Needs

Product Research and Baseline Market Research

Establish Target Specifications

Generate Product Concepts

Select Product Concept(s)

Test Product Concept(s)

Set Final Specifications

System Level Design

Product Architecture

Detail Design

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Robust Design

Design for the Environment and Sustainability

Design for Reliability

Design for Safety

Testing and Refinement


Published Documents

As you conclude the project, include links to all of your finished and fully polished documents here. The previous sections of the web site contain the entire design history of your project. This section contains the finished products. Add more links as needed.

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD I)

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication (SD II)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

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