P08605: Tile Layout Tool

Required Resources

Item Description Available
Mr. Eula Dozier Inventor of Prototpye Yes
Item Dept. Description Available
Prof. John D Wellin ME Guide Yes
Prof. Timothy Landschoot ME Consultant Yes
Dr. Christopher Hoople EE Consultant Yes
Dave Hathaway ME Machine Shop Yes
Dr. E Hensel ME ME Dept. Head Yes
Dr. Marcos Esterman ISE DPM Consulant Yes
Item Location Description Available
4th Floor SD Space bdlg. 09 Meeting Area Yes, for general use
Systems Lab bldg. 09 "Productivity Zone'' Yes, after hours
ME PC Computer Lab bldg. 09 Work Space Yes, for general use
ME MachineShop bldg. 09-2360 Parts Fabrication Yes
Java's @ Wally bldg. 05 Meeting Space Yes, 24 hrs/day
Item Location Description Available
Electrical Analysis Tools Systems Lab Test electrical components Yes
Desktop PC Multiple Locations Programming, analysis, & research Yes
Original Prototype Storage Developed by Mr. Eula Dozier Yes
Replica Prototypes Storage Machined by Paul, Ryan & Reid Yes, 5 pcs
Original Testing Apparatus Storage 3'x 6' mock floor & wall Yes
Improved Testing Apparatus To-be-Developed 4'x 12' mock floor with re-configurable wall sections To-be-Developed
VCT Tiles Storage To be used in test apparatus & testing Yes, 30 pcs
Tile Adhesive Hardware Store Necessary for test apparatus No, To-Be-Purchased

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