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It is broadly recognized that xerographic digital printers are energy intensive and as customers become more and more environmentally conscious they are demanding improvements. The ability to be more energy efficient is not just the "green" thing to do; it is increasingly becoming a significant competitive advantage. In addition, all print engine providers, Xerox, HP, Ricoh, Samsung, Lexmark, Kodak, etc. strive to meet more and more stringent Energy Star and other certification requirements. While print engine providers have considerably reduced the power required to print at a given process speed over the last decade, there still is opportunity and a need to further reduce printer power. A large share of any xerographic printer power is consumed by the fusing sub-system: where toner is heated well above its melting point, so as to enable heat flow, coalescence and paper adhesion. Improved low energy fusing is the target for this project.

This senior design project is challenged to re-consider the design of an extremely low power, non-thermal fusing system: identify performance specifications and critical parameters for potential adaptation to a commercially available monochrome printer, complete its design as a retrofit to an existing printer, and initiate or complete a prototype for market evaluation. This year's Project is a continuation of last year's project.

For an introduction to this project, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. More detailed information will be discussed in class with your Guide and Customer.

The year's project is a continuation of last year's project at P09505.

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P10505 Team Fusion

P10505 Team Fusion

Team Members
Aniket Arora, Jon Burville, David Hatch, Thomas Stojanov, Eric Wilcox
Project Name
Low Energy Printing - Cold Pressure Fusing II
Project Number
Project Family
Printing Systems Family
Printing and Imaging Systems Track
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Mr. Bill Nowak
Faculty Consultant
Marcos Esterman
Technical Teaching Assistant
Mike Zona
Primary Customer
Grace Brewington, Program Manager, (585) 265-7277, Grace.Brewington@Xerox.com
10505 Design

10505 Design


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