P11211: LV for Education: Chassis, Motor, Power


Project Summary

This team, while coordinating with 2 other teams is responsible for designing and documenting a small modular vehicle. This vehicle will be mass produced (~10) by the school for use in a future freshman level class offered as part of RIT's Mechanical Engineering degree program. Each team was tasked a specific part of the project. There is a chassis team as well as a controls team (P11212 - link below) and a MSA (modular student attachment) team (P11213 - link below). This vehicle needs to be able to drive within a classroom in a controllable fashion and perform a useful task (such as use an arm to move scale objects). The vehicle must be safe, reliable, user friendly, inexpensive, storable, maintainable and adaptable as deemed by the future students, professors and staff that will interact with this vehicle.

P11211 is responsible for the chassis, housing, motor, and power subsystems of the device. Specifically, this entails being able to house the control units, provide movement for the device, and to provide attachment points for the MSA device in a aesthetically pleasing package.

The intention of this project is build off of prior robotic platforms, such as LV1, RP1, RP10, and RP100, to produce a durable, drivable, cost effective platform to mount and transport the MSA.

Project Information

Team Members
Ryan Sutton [ME]
Matthew O'Neill [ME]
Jesse Keyser [ME]
Jonathan Fabian [EE]
Vehicle Systems
Start Term
End Term
Project Name
LV for Education: Chassis, Motor, Power
Project Number
Project Family
Land Vehicle for Education
Faculty Guide
Phil Bryan
Industry TA
Leo Farnand, Vince Burolla
Primary Customer
Dr. E. Hensel
RIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prototype Design

Prototype Design

RIT Logo cut into back plate

RIT Logo cut into back plate

Completed Design

Completed Design

Team Documents

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Action Items List

Control Team 11212

MSA Team 11213

System Team Documentation

Previous Chassis Team 10201

Previous Drive Team 10202

Previous Control Team 10203

Planning Team R11005

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

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MSD I Project Plan

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Schedule for MSD II

Concept Generation and Evaluation

Concept Improvement and Selection

System Analysis

System Architecture

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System Design

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Feasibility Analysis

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Detailed Design Review Packet (pdf)

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD I)

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

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Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

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