P11213: LV for Education: Modular Student Attachment (MSA)


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Project Summary: The Modular Student Attachment (MSA) is the educational component for the Land Vehicle for Education(LVE). The goal of the MSA is to incorporate design and manufacturing processes utilizing CAD modeling software as well as the RIT mechanical engineering department machine facilities to develop an introductory but comprehensive project for freshman engineers. The freshmen students will design and manufacture components of the MSA to accomplish a functional goal provided by the instructor. The project is designed to give the students an introduction to the engineering design process, while utilizing basic analysis that a freshmen student is expected to be capable of.

Electrical and controls systems were incorporated to complement the mechanical operation of the MSA. The Control design uses widely used ATMega architecture with an Aurduino Pro Mini. The design accommodates multiple inputs and outputs which can be used for sensors and driving motors. The voltage regulator reduces the voltage coming from the chassis battery pack to the voltage level required by the servos of the MSA.

This LVE is the second iteration, and the first MSA iteration, intended for use in freshmen classes as part of the RIT semester conversion in Fall 2013. In summary, the LVE and MSA became operational functionally, but contained a number of potential improvements that were not caught earlier in the design phase. Improvements will be made in the future based on this current iteration of the MSA and LVE.

Target date to use: Fall Semester 2013

MSA Control Boards

MSA Control Boards



Project Name
Land Vehicle for Education (LVE): Modular Student Attachment (MSA)
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Project Family
LV for Education
Vehicle Systems
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Phil Bryan
Faculty Consultant
Dr. DeBartolo & Dr. Hensel(Mechanical Engineering)
Industry TA
Leo Farnand, Vince Burolla
Primary Customer
Dr. Hensel
Team Members
Dylan Rider, Megan Ott, Jared Wolff, Andrew Komendat, Dan Jolaoye

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