P11412: Clean Water UV Treatment

Test Product Concept(s)

B9 Plastics: Better Water Maker

Design Cost Analysis of Concepts:See-Saw, Spring Floor, Hand Crank and Flywheel

The customer has recommended that the group focus on designing a hand crank with a flywheel. This was due to the costs of the other designs being much higher than that of a hand crank and flywheel. See below for quoted text.

Quote from Kate: "If you think the fly wheel design will be a similarly priced ($50) design then we want to go with that. That is very important to us at this time. Your other ideas are very interesting and certainly novel but our most significant goal is to make our existing product easier to use while maintaining the same price point. Once we make this work and begin getting orders, we will be able to look more seriously at ideas like yours as well as the ones we have."