P12401: Wind Energy Collection to Energy Bank

Mission Statement

The mission of the SESE family of projects is to design, develop, build, test, and deliver interchangeable sustainable energy solutions. The solutions will be developed for use by future senior design teams and undergraduate engineering class projects in the KGCOE. The SESE projects should represent an integration of the six core technologies that make up a sustainable system: Capture/Collection, Conversion, Storage, Transmission, Management/Control, and Consumption. The objective is to provide opportunity for various technological solutions within the core functions to allow the execution and integration of numerous modular SESE systems and elements. All work produced is in an open source/open architecture format, encouraging use of the technologies by others.

The Wind Energy Collection to Energy Bank (WECEB) system focuses on Collection of the wind, Conversion of the mechanical energy to electrical, and then Storage of that electrical energy. Transmission by wiring is used to transmit the electrical energy to the Storage unit. Control also comes into play with several aspects of the system.

6 Core Functions of Sustainable Systems - Comparison

Function Sustainable System Conventional System
Collection Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Waste Heat, Biofuels Crude oil extracted from seabeds and oil fields
Conversion Kinetic to Potential, AC to DC or DC to AC Crude oil refined into gasoline, kerosine, diesel, etc
Storage Battery, Super-capacitor Gasoline stored in barrels and underground tanks
Transmission On-Site, Power Lines Pipelines and tankers distribute gasoline to gas stations
Consumption Electricity End user pumps gasoline into vehicle's fuel tank
Control Smart Grid Happens in all steps of the process to determine supply quantity, octane rating, etc.

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