P12408: Near Space Solar Power Conditioning

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Feasibility / Engineering Analysis

Solar panel power feasibility, power requirements and system efficiency analysis contained in Solar and Battery Subsystem Design.

Thermal Analysis and feasibility. Structural analysis is contained within Mechanical Structure and Heating Subsystem Design

Power Requirements Analysis breaks down the energy needed to be provided by the NSSPCM for internal and external loads. This document also outlines the expected system efficiency.

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Detailed System Block Diagram

Solar and Battery

Solar and Battery Subsystem Design

Mechanical Structure and Heating

Mechanical Structure and Heating Subsystem Design




Firmware Design (PDF) / (Word .docx)

Communication Protocol (PDF) / (Word .docx) / Instruction Set (Excel .xlsx)

Diagnostic Utility (PDF) \ (Word .docx)

Sensor Equations (PDF) \ (Word .docx)

Communication Trigger Design (PDF) \ (Word .docx)

Power Regulation

Power Regulation

System Circuitry and Sensors

System Circuitry and Sensors

Board Layout

Board Layout

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Materials (Excel)

Test Plans

Preliminary Test Plan (Excel)

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment (Excel)

Detailed Design Review

PowerPoint Presentation

Pre-Read Information Package

Design Review Notes and Action Items

MSD II Preliminary Plan - Tasks included in Project Plan (PDF) / (MS Project)

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