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Project Name
Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems
Project Number
Project Family
Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems
Sustainable Systems, Energy and The Environment
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Project Team Members

Team Members
Karen Smith Foundation Engineer public/karenpic
Karen Smith Architectural Engineer public/karenpic
Andrew Blair Structural Engineer public/Andrewpic1
Phil Eaton Fluid Systems Engineer
Scott Melchionno Building Thermal Systems Engineer public/scottm
Tim Williams Solar Thermal Systems Engineer
Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner
Tulsa, OK


Client Statement (Need)

Brainstorming Questions

Provided Design Documentation

Customer Interview Transcript

Problem Definition

Clarify Objectives

Establish User Requirements

Establish Functions

Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Presentation
Power Point Format | PDF Format

This Preliminary Design Review details the design elements critical to the final project submission. Constraints, functions, analysis and decisions related to each subgroup are detailed in order to better characterize the progress on the system as a whole.

Final Design

Management Briefing Project Summary Report (PSR)
PDF format
Word Format
Truss Drawing Package
Truss BOM
Hydronics BOM (Save as a .xls file)
Hydronics Head Loss Analysis (Save as a .xls file)
Hydronic System Schematic
3D CAD Model
Works Cited

Each team will have 35 minutes to discuss their design concepts with the upper management of the consulting firm. The entire 35 minutes will be a technical discussion. Questions are asked and answered as they arise. After uploading your PSR, replace this text with an appropriate description.


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Solar Elevation Spreadsheet