C15504: Autonomous People Mover


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Rochester Institute of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Senior Design Project - Fall 2015

Autonomous People Mover

Team Members

Angel Chen, Avery Francois, Peter Muller

Team Biography


Distribution of Work

Distribution of Work

The Autonomous People Mover project is a multi-phased effort that is currently being developed by a Multi-disciplinary Senior Design (MSD) team and a Computer Engineering (CE) Senior Design team. The main objective for the CE team is to design and develop a control system that will improve the driving experience of the golf cart by achieving smooth steering and acceleration as well as preliminary obstacle avoidance. The MSD team, on the other hand, focuses on sensor integration and path planning to eventually allow the golf cart to drive autonomously in a closed course. The priority for the CE team is the development of an easily extendable software module that can interact with the existing mechanical and electrical systems on the golf cart.

At the highest level, the Autonomous People Mover system is composed of three major blocks: the data processor, the central controller, and the vehicle controller. The data processor block is responsible for the processing of all sensor and camera data gathered. The central controller then takes in the processed data and performs various algorithms related to path planning and object avoidance. This determines the best speed and steering position of the golf cart at that moment. The vehicle controller enforces speed and steering instructions by interacting with the golf cart in a smooth and responsive way.

Autonomous People Mover Team

Autonomous People Mover Team

Autonomous People Mover MSD Teams

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