C17503: Smart Security System


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Rochester Institute of Technology

Department of Computer Engineering

Senior Design Project—Fall 2017

Smart Security System


Team Members

Ram Longman, Prathibha Rama, Victoria Weaver, Kevin Welch

Project Description

The Smart Security System is a facial recognition based electronic door lock system that will provide the user a choice between hands-free operation, operation via phone/electronic device, or traditional lock-and-key operation. The locking mechanism will be operated using a secure Radio-Frequency communication channel. Communication for locking and unlocking will be sent by a microcontroller. Hands-free operation will be achieved using a camera that will transmit data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller will then perform facial recognition algorithms to verify whether the person in front of the camera matches a list of authorized users. The microcontroller will also interface with the mobile application to modify the configuration and update the status of the lock system. The user will be able to configure the system, operate the system, and update the system settings using the mobile application. The system will allow optional hands-free operation along with remote access to the security system.

Project Details