C18501: Tiger Taxi


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Team Members


Zachariah Carmichael

Zach is a graduate student in the Computer Engineering BS/MS program. His academic interests include theoretical machine learning, automated and distributed data analysis, and programming. After completing his Master's thesis work in the Neuromorphic Artificial Intelligence (Nu.AI) Lab, he intends to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science with a focus on the development of interpretable machine learning models.

Benjamin Glasstone

Benjamin Glasstone is a 5th year Computer Engineering student at RIT. He has focused his academic career on Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems and Autonomous Driving. Once graduated, Ben plans on pursing a job in applying Artificial Intelligence to intelligent robotics systems.

Frank Cwitkowitz

Frank Cwitkowitz is a 5th year RIT student finalizing the remaining requirements for his combined Bachelor's/Master's of Science in Computer Engineering. His academic interests include Music Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, and Computer Vision. Frank is currently working on a Thesis concerning the estimation of active pitches within polyphonic music signals, motivated by his love for music and his yearn for better music education tools. Frank has one final semester to go, and then will hopefully be heading off to embark on his journey to complete a Ph.D. in Music Information Retrieval, with the goal of bringing the long standing problem of Automatic Music Transcription closer to retirement.

Kenneth Alexopoulos

Kenneth Alexopoulos is a 5th year BS/MS student in the computer engineering department. His interests include machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and autonomous driving. Kenneth is a member of the Machine Intelligence Lab, and hopes to work in the autonomous driving field.
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