C19103: VR-CARR


Rochester Institute of Technology

Department of Computer Engineering

Senior Design Project—Spring 2019

VR-CARR (Virtual Remote-Control or Automated Reconnaissance Robot)

Team Members

Team Photo

Team Photo

Member Role Contact
Timothy Render Software and Robotics Lead txr1408@rit.edu
Spencer Hall Project Manager, Test Engineer srh2318@rit.edu
Inderjit Singh Network Engineer, App Developer ixs9091@rit.edu
Lucas Smith Hardware and Design Engineer pxs3831@rit.edu

Project Description

The VR-CARR system provides its operator access to otherwise unreachable areas through remote navigation. The robot provides a VR experience through the use of stereoscopic cameras and a real-time video display headset. This platform allows remote exploration into small or inaccessible spaces while still providing complete 360-degree views of the surroundings. Example applications include search and rescue for emergency crews or exploration for adventurers and researchers.

Several features of this design provide for a unique and intuitive experience. The robot's single user can choose between remote control or autonomous navigation, allowing seamless transition between both modes at any time of operation. This allows an operator to drive to a desired area and then let the robot explore freely. Precisely engineered motors mimic the orientation of the user's headset to provide a distinctive virtual reality feel. The dual camera setup provides true stereoscopic video to the headset and places the operator directly in the location of the robot. The entire system is wireless and battery powered, and data both to and from the robot is sent in real time.

 Prototype Photo

Prototype Photo

ARM Contest Video

This project was entered into the 2019 ARM Developer Day Student Design Contest. The video entry is shown below. The project won 3rd place in the contest.

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