DPM Example: Template for DPM Roadmap Planning

Mission Statement

Update and Revise this page with information appropriate to your roadmap.

Family Mission

"The mission of this family of projects, is to develop a land-based, scalable, modular, open-architecture, open-source, fully instrumented XYZ for use in a variety of education, research & development, and outreach applications within and beyond the RIT KGCOE. The family of projects should use an engineering design process to develop modules and subsystems that can be integrated by subsequent senior design teams. The mission of each student team contributing to this project family is to develop or enhance a particular subsystem for the XYZ, and provide complete documentation of the analysis, design, manufacturing, fabrication, test, and evaluation of each subsystem to a level of detail that a subsequent team can build upon their work with no more than one week of background research."

Roadmapping Team Mission

This mission of this DPM roadmapping team is to develop a project plan for four to eight multi-disciplinary senior design (MSD) teams in the KGCOE that will collectively address the mission of the family of projects. The plan will be completed by 19 November 2010, and will include budget, staffing, deliverable, and time-line projections for each project in the roadmap. The roadmap should be restricted to MSD projects that will begin no earlier than winter quarter 2010-2, and will conclude no later than spring quarter 2012-3. You should assume that all of these MSD projects will be completed in the ten week quarter-course format.

Context of This Project Family

By carefully dissecting the broad mission statement of the entire project family, the DPM roadmapping team should develop a multi-year series of projects that will have a profound impact on society.

The ME faculty have adopted the goal of establishing our department as one of the top 25 ME programs first in the nation, and then in the world. Based on a strategic planning retreat in May 2008, the faculty agreed that we, collectively as a department and in collaboration with others, should accomplish three tasks, in pursuit of our goal:

This family of MSD projects addresses all three of these tasks, either directly, or indirectly. First, by engaging KGCOE students in this problem of significant need, they will experience a novel approach to engineering education. Second, the problems chosen as the subject of each family are each compelling problems of national and global significance. Collectively, our students will make a real difference in the world. Third, as we demonstrate the ability of engineering students to positively shape the world for the better, while they are still students, we anticipate other schools emulating what we do.

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