DPM Example: Template for DPM Roadmap Planning

Voice of the Engineer


DPM students should begin to develop the Voice of the Engineer, by identifying what engineering performance specifications are needed for each function, with units of measure. The DPM students typically leave the definition of the numerical values in the VOE for completion by the MSD students.

The table below presents the engineering specifications, that will be used by the team to design against. Given the customer needs, awareness of the marketplace, and resource limitations of the current project, assign preliminary engineering specifications. In addition to setting the nominal or marginal value or each specification, provide guidance to the team on the ideal value or direction that the team should strive for, once the nominal/marginal target values have been realized.

Generally, DPM students should fill in all columns of the table below, EXCEPT for the relative importance, the marginal value, and the ideal value.

List of Engineering Specifications
Engineering Spec. Derives from Customer Needs Relative Importance (-,1,3,9) Description Measure of Performance Engineering Units Marginal value Ideal Value Validation Method
ES1 CN1, CN2 9 Normal cruising speed of the vehicle. Observed Velocity under full payload on a flat tile floor. (m/s) 1.0 1.5 Experimental
ES2 CN1, CN2 9 Nominal payload capacity of the vehicle. Observed Velocity (kg) 1.0 1.0 Experimental
ES3 CN4, CN5 3 maximum drop-height for LV survival Maximum Drop H (m) 0.8 1.0 Analytical
ES4 CN1, CN2
ES5 CN2, CN4
ES8 CN5, CN1
Add ES Rows here CN6, CN2

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