EDGE: Engineering Design Guide and Environment

Development Team

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The EDGE Team
Team Name Contribution
Edward Hensel Originator of the EDGE and FACETS concepts, and their pre-cursor, the designserver
Brian Sipos RIT EE student, developed the first multi-project repository. The architect of most of the EDGE scripts
Kate Nordland Leipold RIT MS Thesis
Team FACETS Summer-Fall 2008
Team Name Contribution
Stefi Ludi Faculty Mentor
Ed Hensel Faculty Customer
Kevin Borgnis SE Student
Chris Booth SE Student
Jon Hatalla SE Student
Team FACETS Winter-Spring 2009
Team Name Contribution
Tom Reichlmayr Faculty Mentor
Ed Hensel Faculty Customer
Angelo Di Nardi SE Student
Allen Madsen SE Student
John Reese SE Student
Michael Tolland SE Student