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Welcome to the EDGE site.

EDGE -- The Engineering Design Guide and Environment -- is an open source integrated design environment to foster collaboration within design project teams, and across design teams working on families of closely related projects. Through this site, we hope to provide students, faculty, staff, and sponsors with tools and information to help them be successful in their design projects, and to learn about modern design and product development processes.

New Users

First-time users: click "Edit Info" next to your username (on left) to set-up user information and list of observed projects. All users should observe the EDGE project to gain quick access to the current node.

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Read about project tracks and project families.

To view active projects, browse current projects.

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Request for Proposals (4th year students)

Do you have an idea for a Senior Design project? Would you like to work on YOUR project next year? Would you like to get funding to support your project? If so, click here.

Senior Design Students and Faculty

Students enrolled in Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design I&II, offered through the CE, EE, ISE, and ME departments at RIT, should go to mycourses for course information and materials.

All project-specific information should be placed on this EDGE site under your project's home node. Go to current projects for links.

Senior Design Enrollment Projections

Design Project Management Students and Faculty

Visit DPM Home


Browse news associated with the Multidisciplinary Senior Design program.


Any problems or questions which can't be solved via the Resources project should be submitted to the bug tracker (bottom of left side column). You will need to create a Bugzilla account for the bug tracker if you have not yet used it.

Note Regarding Logging Out

When you log out of EDGE (click "Non-secured view"), you may also need to exit your browser to be entirely logged out.

Information for Developers

The EDGE site is a way to facilitate the activities of the RIT Multidisciplinary Senior Design program (including all of its underlying courses). It should be an asset to all of the participants in the program, including faculty, students, sponsors, and interested third-parties. EDGE is a nascent open source project. If you are interested in joining the development team, please contact Dr. Hensel (echeme*nospam*@rit.edu).

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