EDGE: Engineering Design Guide and Environment


Request for Proposals

Do you have an idea for a Senior Design project? Would you like to work on YOUR project and receive funding? If so, read on!

The Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) program is seeking proposals from Engineering students who will take Senior Design next year. Projects should involve teams of 4-8 students from ME, EE, ISE, ChemE, and CE (and other appropriate disciplines) who will work for two quarters (fall-winter, fall-spring, or winter-spring) to design, build, and test a functional prototype (device, process, etc.). Students are encouraged to discuss and develop their ideas with faculty and potential corporate sponsors, such as co-op employers. Up to 15 proposals will be selected to receive funding of up to $500 for parts and materials. Proposals are due by June 15 and selected proposals will be announced by July 15.


Proposals will be assessed on the basis of these requirements, on the perceived feasibility for a team of senior engineering students over two quarters, and on the level of interest and support expressed by identified faculty. Project selection will be subject to student availability by discipline and by quarter. If your proposal is not selected, it may be considered at a later time if alternative funding and resources can be secured.

Download the StudentProposalTemplate.doc that should be used for preparing your proposal. Submit electronically, by fax, or in-person to Mark Smith, mark.smith@rit.edu, 475-7102, 475-4080 (fax), room 09-4451, by June 15. Questions should also be directed to Mr. Smith.