EDGE: Engineering Design Guide and Environment

EDGE User Account management - cmd2617

Locally Authorized Users are Authenticated only within the EDGE system.
All EDGE User Accounts must be Authenticated Either Locally or with a Corporate Authentication Server such as LDAP.
Adding a Locally Authorized User DOES NOT CREATE an EDGE User Account. That MUST be done separately.
Users can create their own EDGE User Account by logging in to the system with any form of authentication.
EDGE Administrators can create an EDGE User Account for any authorized user.
Project membership is based exclusively on the EDGE User Account.
Username: cmd2617
Salutation: Mr
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Dill
Discipline: ME
Role: Student
Email address: cmd2617@g.rit.edu
Last edit: 2019-08-28 22:48:15
Last editor: cmd2617
User's membership
Project name admin curator editor facultystaff grader guest observer restricted
EDGE no no no no no no yes no
P20521 no no yes no no yes yes no
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