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Project Name: C13502
Project Description: iLikeToMoveItMoveIt
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Description: The overall system will be built on the chassis of a small remote controlled car. An embedded microcontroller, the Arduino Due, will be used to wirelessly control the vehicle. A Surface tablet attached to the vehicle will send the movement commands to the microcontroller through the microcontroller's wireless module. A Kinect will be the main onboard sensor and will be used to provide a video stream from the vehicle's point of view. The Kinect will also be responsible for gathering data about the environment using its RGB-D (Red-Green-Blue-Depth) camera. Additional sonar sensors will also be used to help with the object avoidance process. The mapping of the area will then be generated using various simultaneous localization and mapping computer vision algorithms in conjunction with the collected data. Once the map is created, the autonomous navigation mode of the vehicle will be enabled; various path finding algorithms and localization coordinates will then be used to generate the course to travel. The map, localization of the vehicle, vehicle's point of view and ability to send movement commands will all be interfaced through the smartphone application by the user. The last feature would be to enable two-way communication from the smartphone to the vehicle's surroundings using the speaker and microphone through Wi-Fi.
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