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Project Name: C13503
Project Description: Danger Ranger
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Description: The ability to identify objects from an aerial point of view is beneficial for many applications. Specifically, being able to identify people who are in need of rescue in areas where a natural disaster has just occurred is not only crucial, but very expensive. By utilizing an autonomous unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for localizing people, the cost of the search can drastically be reduced. The Danger Ranger is an autonomous UAV that is designed to localize people from an aerial view. The Danger Ranger's Ardu Pilot Module (APM) gives it the control needed to fly autonomously. It also communicates to the base station in order to convey telemetry data and receive waypoints. The Danger Ranger's Image Processing Unit (IPU) is specially designed to grab image snippets of people from the frequently taken pictures of the ground below. It communicates the snippets along with GPS data to a base station via a custom protocol. At the base station, a real person makes the final call as to whether to deploy rescue.
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