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Project Name: P06442
Project Description: GW Lisk
Project track:
DPM (Planning) term:
SD1 (Starting) term: 2005-2
SD2 (Ending) term: 2005-3
Description: The student design team will develop a poppet style pressure reducing valve. Primary goal should be a pneumatic application. Students may need to develop a voice coil actuation system to achieve stroke and accuracy requirements. The valve shall either work with a solenoid operator or a voice coil operator. If a voice coil operator is chosen, it must be independent of the valve portion. The design should be robust in nature and implement the upfront design approach. Students will be responsible for the following deliverables.

1. Technical Specification.

2. Concept Development / Analysis

3. Design Critique

4. Prototype grade drawings

5. Design Review

6. Finalized Prototype Drawings (with changes from design review)

7. Design analysis summary.

If a prototype is pursued by the sponsor, students will also be required to provide the following.

1. Prototype Release and hardware acquisition

2. Prototype product

3. Qualification/Validation Test and results.
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