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Project Name: P08050
Project Description: Remote EEG Monitoring
Project track: Assistive Devices
DPM (Planning) term:
SD1 (Starting) term: 2007-1
SD2 (Ending) term: 2007-2
Currently the US has large amount of elder patients with memory loss issues. It is very important to monitor those elders through automatic networking system.

An EEG Sensor System (ESS) is designed as a mobile system that is able to collect measured electroencephalograph (EEG, which monitors brain waves) data and to act according to instructions set by a doctor. The system consists of a body-monitoring network (see Figure 1). In order to recognize the monitored person's state, the monitor unit connects to EEG sensors and I/O devices using wireless communication technologies. Data from all EEG sensors is collected, stored and analyses in real time and, according to the analysis, actions may then be performed. A computer is used as an interface to the body-monitoring network, and developed software allows a doctor to configure the monitor unit for the monitored person, to connect EEG sensors and I/O devices, define and upload instructions for monitoring and download collected data.
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