Final Design

   The final design consists of a solenoid drive system, a non-rechargeable coin battery power supply system and an oscillation circuit control system. The solenoid drive was purchased from Bicron and is part number SP1414P. The force curve for this drive is shown below. The team added a return spring to the basic design of the solenoid to achieve a return stroke on the drive. Under power, the solenoid plunger pulls into the body of the solenoid and contracts the spring. During the off portion of the drive cycle, the plunger is returned to its starting position by the return spring. Mechanical stops have been employed to ensure the plunger does not loose contact with the solenoid.

   The proteus body design was developed through the use of CFD analysis. An in-depth discussion of this analysis is contained in the final report and final presentation available from the files page.

Solenoid drive sitting in partial device body

CFD body analysis output

   The power system consists of a single coin battery, which is digikey part number P029-ND. This is a 3 volt battery with a nominal capacity of 1000 mAh. The control circuit is a fairly simple design. It sends the drive on/off signals at a specified time interval to achieve the desired drive cycle.

Oscillation circuit

Output wave to solenoid

   As of the publishing of this website the device only functions on dry surfaces. A video of the device in motion is available from the files page. The main problem with the design is insufficient current from the batteries chosen. This problem is outlined in the final report.

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