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Team Members

Ammar is our only electrical engineer. He had quite a bit of work to do for this project because it is quite electrically intensive. Ammar took on the task of integrating the GPS, wireless modem and micro-controller. He also completed much of the programming needed to control our onboard system.
Aner is a mechanical engineering BS/MS student. He is involved with the SAE Aero Design Team at RIT. His materials experience was invaluable in the production of our carbon-fiber payload shell.
Team manager: likes long walks on the ....wait thats for something else... Conceptualized the project with the help of Dr. Kozak and Dr. Hensel, worked to keep the team organized and on task, contributed to testing and development of drop code, composed and edited team literature and documents.
John is a mechanical engineering student. He worked mostly on the design of the drop mechanism and creating this website. John is also the team test pilot.
Mike is a mechanical engineering student. He contributed greatly in our drop calculations, camera selection, and parachute. Mikes programming skills were put to use in automating the payload drop.
Sam is a mechanical engineering student. He is also quite active with the SAE Formula team. His machining skills proved invaluable when it came time to fabricate various parts for this project. He also took on some of the responsibilities for our Labview interface.
Andy is our only industrial engineering student. Andy helped with project management, made Lab View interface user friendly, and coordinated testing and analysis.
George George is an electrical engineering student. Though he is not an official member of the group he has helped us out an enormous amount. His group has little need for an electrical engineer; so he decided to do some work for us "just for the experience." There is really no way we could have accomplished what we did without his help.

Special thanks also to Dr. Kozak, Dr Arney, Aero Design,.....

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