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GPS Positioning / Payload Release Mechanism RAP

Yo,Yo. This ain't J.Z., This is J.B.,
I can't leave rap alone the gang needs me.
Now listen to what I'm about to do.
Gunna introduce you to my whole damn crew.
This is Chucky-Fresh, Mike R. and Sammy P.
The fool over there, his name is Andy.
These two came from who knows where?
This is Ammar and that is Aner.
Now that you know all of my boys,
Get out your seats and make some noise!
Aight, you're done, now just sit tight,
While I tell you 'lil bout our unmanned flight.

First we took off.
Then we flew around.
We were trying to find that target on the ground.
We got there. We knew it. We didn't have to guess.
We got the confirmation from the G.P.S.
Just 'cuz we got there, the mission did not cease.
Had to get a signal to the payload to release.
** Drop bombs from the air if you's a true player! **
The micro controller's been doing calculations non-stop.
It got to the spot where it needs to make the drop.
Sends a signal to the solenoid makes the solenoid go POP!
The solenoid goes pop.
The bomb begins to fall.
By the way, we're getting video of it all.
A parachute deploys.
The bomb starts to slow.
Catch'n every minute on live video.
But the FCC at RIT,
Won't let us broadcast for SDP,
Unless we have with us a licencee.
And his name is DR. John Arney. Hoping the whole time that it don't get too breezy.
Or we might miss the target just like fachizie.
We wantizzle fochizzle to hit the target in the middle.

The bomb hit's the target.
Women begin to scream.
To me and my boys this is like a wet dream.

© 2003 John Bugajski