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05/12/03 – The final week of class is upon us and the equipment is together.  The Chaotic Waterwheel is assembled and testing has begun.  The Multi-well Oscillator has been working and now data is to be collected from it.  The web page is to be submitted on Friday and the Conference is also on Friday.  The presentation is almost together and will be submitted Thursday morning.  We will be testing the equipment and gathering data this week.  We will also be finishing our presentation and practicing every day.


05/05/03 – Only two weeks left to go.  The circuit is working great and actions are being taken to complete the Chua’s Circuit device.  It will be complete by the weekend.  The Multi-well Oscillator is completely assembled and testing has begun.  Modifications are required and will be complete for next week.  The waterwheel is in its last stages of assembly and testing will be started over the weekend.


04/28/03 – The oscillator has been assembled and has been wired.  Joe designed a printed circuit board to be used for the Chua’s Circuit device.  Four boards were ordered last Friday and will arrive this week.  With the new inductors, the output from the circuit looks excellent.  Ashley began painting the angle for the waterwheel and James and Andrew are almost finished with the brake subassembly.  The waterwheel should start to come together by the end of the week.  The encoder is also projected to arrive this week.


04/21/03 – Jeremy worked over the weekend to drill the holes in the base for the Chaotic Waterwheel.  With most of the angle prepared, we can check the components by assembling the tower.  We will also be meeting with Dr. Hensel this week as well as Prof. Jacobs. 


04/14/03 – This week we will be continuing to work in the machine shop fabricating the components for the equipment.  With almost all the oscillator components complete, we will be acquiring more sheet steel to fabricate the vertical beam.


04/07/03 – This week we are continuing to machine components for the three devices.  After some experimentation with the elector-magnets, it has been determined that alternate methods with be required to create a usable magnetic field.  After speaking with an engineer at the Rochester Magnet Company, a couple sets of magnets were chosen, ordered, and picked up this week.  We are now redesigning the Multi-well Oscillator device to allow for the different magnet array.