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Introduction to Our Project

We live in a dynamic world that is regulated by a vast web of cycles and systems. Each of these systems is dependent on a number of different factors. What we as individuals often do not see is the impact that our daily actions have on the systems that govern the equilibrium of the world. An understanding of what these cycles and systems are, and how they work and interact is important, so that we may better understand how our individual actions truly do affect the world.

Cycles and Systems, A World in Motion intends to develop an understanding of fundamental cycles and systems that are part of everyday life. In addition, the goal of the exhibit is to give people a better understanding of the links and similarities between natural and human-made cycles so that they can better understand the impact their decisions will have on the world.




Academic Discipline

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 Theresa O'Keefe



 Jim Rider  BS/MS ISE


 Mary Bellanti  BS ME  Prototype  meb3447@rit.edu
 Brian Belpanno  BS ISE  Engineer  belpeper@aol.com
Lindsay Buchko  BS ISE  Evaluation  lab1087@rit.edu
 Liz Gates  BS ISE  Engineer  eag8451@hotmail.com
 Fabiana Kotoriy  BS/MS ISE  Prototype  afk9167@rit.edu
 Mark Sadkowski  BS ME  Evaluation  markvicki@mail.netsos.com
 Sam Aquillano  BFA ID


 Pete St. John  MFA ID  Prototype  petestjohn@email.com

 Dr. Kevin 


 Prof. ME  Faculty Mentor  kbkeme@rit.edu
 Dr. Brian Thorn  Prof. IE  Faculty Mentor  bkteie@rit.edu
 Kim Sherman

Industrial   Designer

 Consultant  think@rochester.rr.com

 Prof. Paul 


 Prof. IE






In order to fulfill our mission, we

divided into two groups: Evaluation

Team and Prototype Team

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