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            The Portable Blade Vibration Monitor (PBVM) is a system designed to market a new technology for gas turbine health management. By inducing and monitoring vibrations in the blades of an axial turbomachine the system will be able to determine the presence of foreign object damage (FOD) or a crack in the rotary portion of the turbomachine. Early detection of these problems will help prevent catastrophic damage of gas turbine engines. This project is the display piece for this technology and is therefore the tip of the spear in the fight against catastrophic failure. The project has presented several design challenges and two key issues which needed to be resolved. Non-contact excitation of the turbomachine blades and the thermal load which this technique will introduce are serious questions unable to be answered at this junction


bulletImpact Technologies, LLC

Capstone Design Requirement

bulletRochester Institute of Technology
bulletDesign Server


Important Dates

bulletMay 16 - Final Presentation
bulletMay 23 - Poster Session
bulletmore ...

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