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Welcome to the home page for our senior design project. 

Tiger Claw Incorporated is a small company based in Connecticut that has developed into a leader in the deck building industry. Their primary product is the hidden deck fastener known as the Tiger Claw #1 (TC1). The TC1 is a simple device used to install the surface of a wooden deck without the use of visible nails or screws. The fastener is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and very strong. The current product works extremely well in standard decking, however, it is over designed. Also, the current product does not function well in synthetic lumbers or in exotic rainforest hardwoods. Tiger Claw asked team 08F to do the following: redesign the current fastener to reduce production cost, develop a fastener for use in synthetic lumber, and develop a fastener for use in exotic rainforest hardwoods.

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