Team 09F Senior Design Project

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234 Slide Arm Failure Analysis and Redesign


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Brent Vesa

Brent Vesa is an environmental engineer at a local industry who has attended RIT since 1995. Mr. Vesa served as project manager for the team (You’re not hiding your hairline behind that Bridgeport, are you Brent?).










Thanh Cao

Thanh Cao is the only full-time student of the team. The project involved many hours in the computer lab, wrestling with the I-DEAS modeling software, and Mr. Cao’s knowledge of the finite element analysis (FEA) program was utilized (after he checked his email).










Erik Hargrave

As the other part-time student, Erik Hargrave found time for number-crunching in the evenings, after running his new business venture all day. Mr. Hargrave applied his efforts to the compilation of the required reports and papers for the project (hey, how did you get a picture of him typing this in?).








Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo

Team 09F’s faculty advisor, Dr. DeBartolo, offered her assistance with a strong background in fatigue analysis. She cheerfully supplied support and guidance throughout the project (even sacrificing her Friday mornings with our 8:00 am meetings… can we have some oatmeal, too?). Additional information can be found on Dr. DeBartolo’s web site.







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