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Preliminary Design

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Preliminary Design

From the preliminary design work, integration of the airframe configuration, propulsion system and electrical systems produced a ready-to-fly prototype. The primary concern with systems integration is the placement of components within the airframe. The electrical components and propulsion system must be located within the airframe such that flight stability and performance are not hindered. The pictures below illustrate the first prototype design that was constructed and assembled for flight testing.


Component layout in body


Top-view planform of prototype

Pod component layout
(video package)

Motor-body interface for prototype


The weight distribution and component list for the prototype vehicle is seen below.

Vehicle weight distribution

Component list for prototype


Using the solid-modeling drawings created in the earlier design phases, the table-based launcher concept was constructed. It consists primarily of aluminum guide-rails, a teflon cradle for the vehicle, a constant force spring reel and cushioned padding.

Padding to cushion launcher cradle

View along the guide-rails


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