2003-2004 Rochester Institute of Technology
Micro Air Vehicle Team

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Team Profile

Team Members:

Chris Szachta
Mechanical Engineering

Jay Grow
Mechanical Engineering

Julie Jones
Mechanical Engineering

Drew Walter
Mechanical Engineering

Matt DeHaven
Mechanical Engineering

Bob Williams
Electrical Engineering

Kelly Iagulli
Computer Engineering

Dr. Jeff Kozak
Advisor - Mechanical Eng.


The Team has many thanks to give; this project could not have been a success without the thoughtful support of the following:


  • Our advisor, Jeff Kozak. Without your inspiration MAV would never have come to RIT.
  • Our Wizard of Oz advisor, Kevin Kochersberger. The bald-headed guy behind the curtain, who truly helped us make the thing fly.
  • Our sponsors, Mike Richardson, Don McKeown, and the Wildfires Project. Money was tight, but would have been non-existent without their help.
  • Dave Hathaway. For putting up with a noisy wind tunnel and being an all around go-to-guy for anything and everything.
  • The good people at Homestarrunner.com. Without them we would have surely lost our sanity. This helped too.


We had a lot of fun doing this project and hope MAV research and development continues as an ongoing program at RIT.
Good luck to all future teams! May the budget gods be kind to you, and the weather gods kinder!


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RIT Kate Gleason College of Engineering and the RIT MAV Team.