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Brief Project Description

11,000 years ago humanity developed from settlements of hunters and gatherers to villages of early farmers. The transition from foraging to farming is of major importance in the development of civilization. This transition can be identified by the domestication of plants and animals. The Archeological Investigation Technology project will develop a device/process that retrieves artifacts from excavation sites where this transition is believed to be identifiable. The project goal will be to retrieve botanical and animal matter of a wild (gathered) and domesticated (farmed) nature, which will demonstrate the transformation of the culture at that time.

A device/process is needed to continuously remove artifacts from a range of excavated material. Of particular importance is the retention of delicate botanical matter that has been preserved from decay by being converted or coated in carbon from a charring process (pre-historic cooking in fire pits). This device will provide archeologists with a technology that will allow them to process excavated material more efficiently and effectively than current means. The device will allow them to trace the framing evolution from the banks of the Euphrates through Eastern and Western Europe.

Critical Performance Parameters