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Project Abstract

This project focuses on the structural analysis of OZ Saferooms. OZ Saferooms are continuously poured steel-reinforced concrete structures designed to withstand natural disasters.  This project will assist Zagorski Forms Specialists, Inc. by providing them with structural analysis and experimental impact testing data to help validate the structural integrity of the OZ Saferoom product.  The scope of the project will include the design of a sensor package which is capable of measuring the deflections associated with an experimental test of an OZ Saferoom.  Furthermore, finite element analysis of an existing OZ Saferoom, as well as other specified structures will be delivered to analyze their stability after being subjected to tornado-like conditions.


Safe rooms are emergency occupancy structures designed to provide occupants a high probability of protection from injury or loss of life resulting from the forces, debris impacts, and other effects that are generated by tornados.   More than 1,200 tornados have been reported each year since 1995.  Since 1950, tornados have caused an average of 89 deaths and 1,521 injuries.  Oz Saferooms are concrete structures built with no joints or seams designed to withstand natural disasters.   The OZ Saferoom shown below was located in Moore, Oklahoma and survived the passage of an F5 tornado on May 8, 2003.


Figure:  OZ Saferoom after Tornado Impact

These structures are made of concrete with a minimum of 5,000 psi compressive strength, and have 8 in. thick walls, a 12 in. thick ceiling, a 12 in. foundation and a sliding entry door made of 12-gage steel with three-quarter inch plywood on each side.

Zagorski Forms Specialists, Inc. manufactures OZ Saferooms.  The company, headquartered in Rochester, NY has installed 53 safe rooms during the time period from 2000 to 2004.  These structures have been built in New York, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

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