Dentist Orthodontic Force Measurement
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Me and Ryan Jim

Because all of the components in this project were required to be custom designed, we had to machine all of our pieces from stock metal. As a result, our fabrication has taken moretime than some of the other senior design projects. The advantage to this was that we were able to supervise all of the machining and be aware of everything that was going on.

As in any other project, we have come across unforeseen problems with the production of a working model. Some of these problems could have been avoided, while others are due to our lack of experience in this realm of machine fabrication. One of the hardest aspects of this design was the fact that it had to exact-size, which results in very small components. If we were able to scale the model, then we could design larger components that would be easier to machine.

One of the problems that was impossible to avoid was condition of the metal which was shipped to us from the retailer. The supposedly rectangular metal was more of a rhombus in that none of it's edges formed a 90 degree angle. This makes it impossible to make accurate measurements from the edge of the metal, which are required to machine it. Another problem which could have been avoided, was the space alotted for the holes in the actual baseplate. There was not enough room provided in the original design and we had to make some slight modifications.