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2003 - 2004 RIT Micro-turbine
Senior Design Project 05002

Currently, Micro Air Vehicles (MAVís) are powered by Lithium Ion batteries.  While these provide a sufficient amount of power, however they take up about half of the weight of the MAV.  A micro-turbine generator is a method of providing power in a lightweight and cost effective package.  

Previous research has been done at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to develop a micro-turbine generator that can produce five (5) watts of power, but has been unable to be placed onto the airframe of the MAV.  In this third year of development, the goal is to be able to implement all components into a 45 gram package, and place the turbine onto the MAV.  Besides weight and power, the micro-turbine must be able to withstand 3 minutes of flight time.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the 05002 Senior Design team is to design and build
a working prototype of a micro-turbine generator that can be integrated
into a Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) airframe and power the electrical accessories.
The micro-turbine design is a continuation and improvement upon
the previous research and design along with new research and design
to create a baseline for integration into the MAV airframe.



Produce a minimum continuous 5 watts of power

An overall system weight of 45 grams or less

Containment of the system in an MAV airframe pod