Preliminary Design

The Final Product


Airborne Sensing Platform for CIAS

Team 05008

Welcome to the website of Team 05008. The objective of this senior design project was to make an airborne sensing platform (aka RC airplane with expensive equipment) for the College of Imaging Arts and Science. This project is split between two senior design teams: the designing and building of the plane group and the telemetry and controls group. This purpose of this team was to design and build the plane.

Here are the requirements that CIAS gave to us:

1. Carry a 3 lb payload
2. Accommodate a 6in x 6in x 12in payload
3. Have a cruise speed of 15 - 25 mph
4. Have an endurance of 1 hour


This is a picture of the final product:

Special Thanks to: AeroDesign Team, Senior Design 05009, Dr. Alan Nye, Dr. Edward Hensel, Chris Robinson, & Dave Hathaway