Team 05010: Transport and Sustainment System for VTOL UAV
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Final Design

Our design had the following overall design constraints:
  1. Cost - We had to minimize the total cost of our design.
  2. Safety - We must maintain the safety of the system by choosing components which for example:
    • would not exceed military lifting requirements for a single soldier
    • would not expose operators to hazardous voltages or currents
  3. Waterproof - The UAV should be protected from the effects of moisture.
  4. Transportable - The transport system's weight must fall within the normal tow range of a HMMWV
In our design process, we attempted to start by identifying the major components then determine the next level of items which would depend on it. Essentially, we designed the system from the ground up. The first thing to be determined was the trailer. Our selection for the trailer would trigger the following subconstraints:
  • Trailer cost is very high - this lowers the amount of money we can afford to spend on any other component.
  • The trailer is of finite size. Within the space of the trailer, at a minimum there must be enough space for the UAV and its fuel.
  • The trailer's weight and its maximum loading capacity must be within the towing capacity of a fully loaded HMMWV.
  • The UAV, its fuel, and any other additions to the trailer must all fit within the loading capacity of the trailer
Some things cannot be further designed at this stage. For example, the weight and dimensions of the UAV and the volume of fuel neccessary for a mission have already been determined. Our knowledge and abilities would have to solve the problem of storing these items within the trailer and still providing space for any additional components.

Not all of the system compoents will "fit" into each other. For example, payload storage boxes and crane must coexist on top of the trailer. Here, the constraints introduced by choosing a particular storage box will affect the available weight and space for the crane and vice-versa.

Details on the constraints we considered for each of the System Design Components (See the Final Design Page) can be found by clicking here.