Team 05010: Transport and Sustainment System for VTOL UAV
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Final Design

You can expand the lists to see the constraints and our design solutions for each of these items. Note that the constraints will be in blue, and for each component, our final choice will be highlighted in green. Move your mouse over the words in green to view the associated image. Check out the documentation page for detailed information on our design choices and constraints!
  •  Trailer Deck
    • The trailer chosen should have enough space to hold the UAV and other design components easily while
    • being flat so that there are no initial obstructions to any structures added to the trailer.
    • Concepts Considered:
      1. Flat Deck
      2. Extended Flat Deck
      3. Partially Enclosed
  •  UAV Holding Mechanism
    • These items must be easy to use, be very reliable, safe, and strong.
    •  Tie Down Mechanisms:
      1. Racheting
      2. Latches
      3. Self Cinching
      4. Rotor Catch Ring
    •  Attachment Points:
      1. Protruding Clip
      2. Recessed D-Ring
      3. Clinching Cam
  •  Launch Platform
    • The platform should be able to support other uses such as maintenance and take up a space only as big as
    • the UAV footprint.
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. Tri-fold Deck
      2. Bi-fold Roof
      3. Flat Deck
      4. Ground
  •   Lift Mechanisms
    • Lift should be able to serve multiple purposes.
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. 4-Bar
      2. Scissor
      3.  Crane
        • Manual
        • Manual, Folding
        • Powered, Folding
      4. Fold Down Sides
  •  Electrical Subsystem
    • The system must provide power for all electrical devices while insulating operators from possible
    • electrical hazards.
    •  Power Supplies:
      1. HMMWV Batteries/Engine
      2. External Battery
      3. Gasoline Generator
  •  Payload Packaging
    • Cheap method that meets vibration and stress requirements.
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. Cabinets with Foam
      2. Floating Net
      3. Self-Leveling Suspension
  •   Blade Packaging
    • Cheap method that imparts very little vibration or stress.
    •   Concepts Considered:
      1. Shelves
      2. Foam Block
      3. Shredded Foam
      4. Boxes with Foam
  •   Storage Boxes
    • These must meet specific dimension constraints while being able to support a future launch platform.
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. Custom Ordered
      2. Pre-Built
      3. Team's Original Design
  •  Fuel Containers
    • Must support the volume of fuel while having ballistic and explosive resistance
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. Pre-Built Bladder
      2. "Jerry Cans"
      3. Custom Bladder
      4. Team's Original Design
  •  Ramps
    • The ramps choses should be usable for both the trailer and HMMWV, adaptable to changing ground
    • conditions and usable for tasks not involving the UAV such as moving objects or personnel.
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. Individual
      2. Folding Tailgate
      3. U-Haul Style
      4. Telescoping
  •  Waterproofing
    • Want to minimize time to open/close, weight, and cost and not restrict future design changes.
    •  Concepts Considered:
      1. Canvas Top
      2. Tonneau Cover
      3. WeatherShield HD Fabric