Team 05010: Transport and Sustainment System for VTOL UAV
Sponsor: Dragonfly Pictures, Inc

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Final Design

The trailer has arrived! Thanks Mr. Marciano for letting us use your barn! Hmm, the trailer looks nothing like this! Gotta strip that baby down! This part was easier than I thought. . . I hope the rest of the work is like this.
Yep, that looks like our flatbed drawing! Don't go home yet, we gotta get the structural frame for the fuel bladders done next! Ok, been there done that. . .Hey, we've moved the trailer. Thanks RIT Facilities Management for lending us a work area!
Ok, time to close up those open spaces in our frame. This should make it stronger. All right, one side down, one to go. It's hard and dirty work trying to build our trailer from the ground up.
I know, but Taylor seems to be enjoying this! Hey, our trailer seems to be taking on a good shape! Yeah, it almost looks exactly like this.
Gotta have eye protection when welding! Yeah, I think this is the right size! You stay here, I gotta go check the drawings.