RIT Formula SAE | RIT | Competition Data Systems
F13 - 2005

Team Mission

Design, assemble, and implement a stand alone Data Acquisition (DAQ) System for a Formula SAE racecar. Sensor outputs will be recorded and manipulated to yield meaningful data about vehicle performance. Design emphasis will be placed on system layout, sensor integration, and electrical system capability.

Key Business Goals

The success of the project shall be determined by the following:
  • Fully functioning, integrated Data Acquisition system
  • Demonstration of usefulness (simple optimization) of the system
  • The design package shall allow the system to be transferred to new cars in the future with relative ease.

Project Requirements

  • Redesign DAQ System
    • Team shall use a CDS Commander II Data Logger.
    • Evaluate current system capabilities.
    • Determine feasible vehicle parameters to log.
    • Determine appropriate sensors for use.
  • Integration on Vehicle
    • DAQ system shall not interfere with operation of car subsystems.
    • Components must be completely removable without affecting the vehicle’s ability to operate.
    • Optimize strength vs. weight of mounting pickups and sensors.
  • Electrical System Analysis
    • Determine current system loads without DAQ system.
    • Determine added load on system, with DAQ incorporated.
    • Optimize electrical system to increase excess capacity for DAQ system and other potential electrical systems without negatively affecting engine performance.
  • Demonstration of DAQ Capability
    • Demonstrate characterization of car capabilities
    • Demonstrate optimization of car characteristics
    • Document a procedure(s) used to demonstrate system capability