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Improvements to Sentry Fire-Safe Prefill Work Cell

Project 5401


Sentry Safe, a fireproof safe manufacturer in Rochester, NY, requested the expertise of an RIT Senior Design team in order to make improvements to their Pre-fill work cell. Sentry felt that the Pre-fill work cell could be improved, but allowed the Senior Design team to decide where the improvements could best be made. Sentry’s two main concerns were the current hot-melt system used in the work cell and operator workload.

This webpage details the process the Senior Design team went through in order to develop a preliminary design for improvements to the work cell. The process used to develop a design included an initial needs assessment, concept development, feasibility assessments using the weighted concepts method, determination of specifications and performance measures, analysis and design synthesis.

After following this process the team developed a final design. The main features of the chosen design include:

  • applying a snap-fit design on the door assembly to eliminate the use of screws
  • rearranging the work cell and redistributing the work load to redeploy one operator
The team also provided Sentry with a comprehensive list of alternative to hot-melt. None of the alternatives on the market meet Sentry’s strict environmental policies, but they now know that their current system is the best available to them.

The final design addresses both of Sentry’s concerns and will be implemented by Sentry during their summer shut down. It will result in an estimated $130,000 of savings per year after a one-time investment of approximately $50,000.

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