Data Transmission

As discussed previously, this projectís goal is to demonstrate the usability of the devices.  Because of this, an interface for the ECG/EMG user has not been developed.  The CerfCube and the Freescale board connected to it will always be powered on.  The system will be initiated by the patient when they press a button connected to the Freescale development board that is connected to the ECG/EMG device.  At this point data will be transferring from the ECG/EMG to the CerfCube, wirelessly through the Freescale development boards.   This process is shown in Figure (2.)

 Receiving and Displaying Data 

As the ECG/EMG data is transferred to the CerfCube, the information will be accessed through a web page hosted by the CerfCube.  The web page will display the graphical waveform of the two channel output signal.  The graph will show five seconds of output per a webpage refresh, and the refresh will be automatic.

The physician will also be able to control the device output through radio buttons on the web page.  When this occurs, the message will be sent back through the system to the Freescale board connected to the ECG/EMG.  At this point, the signal will be toggled.



Fig. 2: Overall Communication System