The major goal of this project was to use wireless transmission to transfer medical information from a patient's ECG/EMG device to a remote personal computer.  This data then needs to be accessible through the PC's server to a web page for a physician to access.

The wireless transmission technology used were two IEEE 802.15.4 standard  Zigbee compliant Freescale development boards.  Zigbee is a short range standard which transmits data from 10-100 meters.  This makes it possible to put a medical monitoring device almost anywhere in the home without loss of connection. 

Fig. 1 Freescale 13192SARD Development Board


The personal computer used to host the web server is Intrinsyc's CerfCube.  This system runs an embedded Linux kernal, with Boa as the web server.  The CerfCube is connected to one of the Freescale development boards through an RS-232 port.

The ECG/EMG device would then be connected to the other Freescale board.  In testing, function generators were used to produce the waveform that we were required to receive as an input.  The project requires a two channel input from the device, so either the ECG or EMG or both may be displayed or collecting data at one time, controlled from the physician's website.  These two channels will give the Freescale board analog signals from 0 to 3 volts, with a 1 to 100 Hz frequency.  The analog to digital converter will be utilized, and the resulting signal sent wirelessly to the Freescale board connected to the CerfCube.