Project Description


The purpose of this project was to develop a test bench for wireless medical data transmission.  This was done in two parts, creating our own medical monitoring device (the fifth element), and creating a wireless communication link between a medical device and a PC.  Using two Freescale Zigbee development boards (13192-SARD) containing the HCS08 microcontroller, and Code Warrior’s development software tool, wireless data transfer was established.   A scale was used as one of the medical peripherals connected to a Freescale Zigbee development board via RS-232 port.  Information from the scale was wirelessly transferred using Zigbee on the two Freescale development boards.

To connect home medical monitoring devices to the internet a simple communication link must be established between the medical device and a PC.  Wireless communication is the most user-friendly means to accomplish this task. The Freescale Zigbee development boards presented in this paper offer the simplest and most cost effective wireless solution to this problem.

Home medical monitoring devices allow individuals to measure their health.  Unfortunately the data obtained is not under the scrutiny of a medical professional. In general, medical monitoring technology is available to the home owner but the link between the home and the medical profession to analyze the data is missing.  The Medical Internet Interface team’s design is part of a large picture to develop the complete link between the home medical monitoring device and the physician.  One of the sub tasks was to implant Zigbee wireless technology to transmit data from the medical monitoring device to a central location.  Another sub goal was to create a bio-potential medical device to interface with the Zigbee board.