The focus of this project was to show the feasibility of the design.  This was done by using an ECG/EMG device and wirelessly transmitting the data to a PC, and displaying this data on a webpage.  With the software organization created, it can be easily manipulated to interface with additional medical devices.  The simplest means of integrating this method would be to create different software for each medical device.  A possible future goal would be to create a universal software program capable of interfacing with any serial medical device.

The above design will work for a network with only one device.  To incorporate a multi-device network a change in the way data is sent out must be added.  Each device would first send out a device id.  The host would then acknowledge that id and ignore all other ids.  Once the device has received the acknowledgement then the device would send out the actual data.  Once all the data has been sent the host would then revert back to a waiting state, waiting for a device id to be sent.

Physicians Web Page


Fig. 10: View of web page to choose signal input


Fig. 11: View of web page acquiring data

    Figure (10) shows the first web page the physician will view.  From here, the channels and signal will be chosen.  Figure (11) shows the web page that the physician will use to view the two channels of data coming from the ECG/EMG device.