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                                                From left to right: John, Matt, Mary Beth, Amy, Mike, Scarbrough

The design team created an interactive robotics exhibit for the Rochester Museum and Science Center.  The patron selects a difficulty level

from a touch screen computer then an automated robot places gears, dependent on the difficulty level chosen, to connect a gear train to a clock.

Once all the gears are in place, the clock begins to count down and the user then has a chance to try to beat the clock by getting their gears in 

place before time runs out.  The patron uses a joystick to control a robot to place the gears in the designated area.  When time runs out, the 

manually operated robot stops working and a sweeper resets the user's area.  Simultaneously, the automated robot will replace the gears it 

previously moved into position.

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Project 05910 - Robotics Exhibit

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