Tiger Chopper Conversion and Customization Kit Project Number: 05912

Group Members:
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Taylor
    Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Paul Stiebitz
    Project Sponsor: Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson
Team Members
John J. Johnson
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Anthony Rounding
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Jeremy Rank
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Alexandra Collier
Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan Howard
Mechanical Engineering
Lee Gagne
Mechanical Engineering
Curtis Vana
Electrical Engineering

Mission Statement:
    Our multidisciplinary senior design team was put together to design and develop a custom chopper from a stock Harley-Davidson 883C Sportster motorcycle. While converting the 883C Sportster into a custom chopper motorcycle, our senior design team simultaneously developed the documentation for a custom motorcycle coversion kit. Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson (major sponsor ot the project could potentially produce, market, and sell the 883C Sportster / Custom Chopper conversion kit created by our team. Two prototype custom motorcycles were created through the implementaion of aftermarket parts, and parts manufactured within the Rochester Insitute of Technologies facilities.

Desired Outcomes:

  • 883C Sportster / Custom Chopper Coversion Kit Documentation
  • Two Prototype Customized Motorcycles
  • Bikes Must Be Operable

    Preliminary Design Review:
        PDR Paper

    Technical Paper:
        Technical Paper

    CDR Presentation:
        CDR Presentation

    Conference Paper:
        Conference Paper

    Team Developement Pictures:
        Prototype Pictures
        Team Members