P06113: Robotic Lawn Mower


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Self Navigating Intelligent Programmable Mower Project

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Autonomous devices have proven to be both popular and successful in the consumer market, but one challenge that has not yet seen a worthy solution is autonomous lawn mowing. The objective of this project was to design and begin prototyping of a system capable of completing this task. The key requirements for the initial design were mowing efficiency and ease of use and installation. The prototype designed was capable of recording and then repeating a mowing path. The original design had a series of safety features, which were not included in the initial implementation.

Personnel Information

Name Discipline Role Email
Pratapa Reddy CE Advisor pvreec@rit.edu
Juan Cockburn CE Mentor jcceec@rit.edu
William Farner CE Student wrf7588@rit.edu
Michael Kurdziel CE Student msk7566@rit.edu
John Martellaro CE Student jam1794@rit.edu
Peter Zalewski CE Student peterzal@mail.rit.edu

Design Competitions

ION Autonomous Lawnmower Competition